Three schools celebrate new defibrillators thanks to young fashion designer's campaign

Three defibrillators have been installed at schools in one Worcestershire town - thanks to a 10-year-old girl's lifesaving campaign.

Emily Faulkner wants to raise enough money to get a defibrillator installed at every school in Bromsgrove.

The children had a non-uniform day to raise more money for the cause. Credit: Dodford First School

The Parkside Middle School student has set her aim at £10,000, which she hopes will be enough to fund the potentially life-saving machines at the 12 schools in Bromsgrove without their own defibrillator.

She created her own fashion brand to do so, selling t-shirts, pens, bags and caps the she has designed herself.

And she's already reached more than £4,000 - with three installed, and another on the way.

On Monday, to mark National Restart a Heart Day, the latest school to benefit from Emily's campaign - Dodford First School - held a heart-themed non-uniform day, to try to raise extra cash for the cause.

Dodford First School headteacher Lisa Parkes said she was "delighted" that the school was now equipped with a defibrillator.

Dodford is such a small village - if the worst were to happen, an ambulance would need to come down a lot of winding little roads to get here. It's good to know this is here.

It's been put on the outside of the building so it's not just benefitting the school - the whole community will be able to access it.

– Lisa Parkes, Headteacher