‘Cat whisperer’ firefighter in rooftop rescue

A firefighter who rescued a cat from the roof of two-storey house has been dubbed the 'cat whisperer' by his colleagues.

The RSPCA and Shropshire Fire and Rescue were called yesterday (18 October) to the house in Donnington, Shropshire, after Tinkerbell had been stuck for two days.

Crews from Wellington Station used their ladder to climb up onto the roof and coax the cat into a carrier.

ACO Howden said:

Credit: RSPCA

Wellington station watch manager, Craig Jackson said:

  • What should I do if my cat gets stuck?

The RSPCA receives more calls about cats than any other animal and many of these involve cats getting themselves into tight spots and sticky situations.

Unless there is severe weather conditions, or the cat appears injured or hurt, the charity asks that people monitor the situation for 24-hours and try coaxing them down with smelly treats or fish.

If they are still stuck after this time then always contact the RSPCA and they will contact the fire services if necessary.