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Call for pet blood donors to help in emergency

A dog being treated at Scarsdale Vets Credit: Scarsdale vets

A special cat blood typing and dog blood donation day is taking place in Derby to help build up a bigger pet donor database in the area.

Scarsdale Vets, which has practices across Derby and Burton Upon Trent, are teaming up with Pet Blood Bank team for the event on Saturday (21 October).

Like human blood, animal blood has a fairly short shelf-life - for dogs it is approximately one month and for cats, around two weeks, so there is a constant need to replenish supplies.

Tara Cook, Veterinary Nurse at Pride Veterinary Centre where the event will take place said:

We have very few cats on our blood donation database at the moment, as after a certain age they are no longer eligible to give blood. That is why we are holding this event.

We will also be taking blood donations on the day from dogs once the animal has been thoroughly checked over, shows no signs of distress and their owners are happy for them to donate.

– Tara Cook
A dog being treated at Scarsdale Vets Credit: Scarsdale Vets

Scarsdale Vets are working in collaboration with Pet Blood Bank which is based in Loughborough and has been running for 10 years.

Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity in the UK that provides a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK.

Wendy Barnett from Pet Blood Bank said:

At Pet Blood Bank our aim is to ensure that when dogs need it, there is a source of blood available. The whole process regarding the collection of blood is very easy and the team are very good, putting both the owner and donor as ease. If the donors aren't comfortable, then they don't go ahead, it's as simple as that.

– Wendy Barnett
Last year's Pet Blood Bank event Credit: Scarsdal Vets

The Blood Donation and Blood Type day will be running from 10am-4pm on Saturday at Pride Veterinary Centre, Derby.

If you are interested in bringing you dog or cat along they will need to fit the following criteria:


  • Healthy and friendly
  • Aged between 1 and 8 years
  • Weight over 25kg
  • Current and up to date with vaccinations
  • Not on any medication
  • Not travelled outside of UK/Eire
  • Have not received a blood transfusion


  • Be of good temperament
  • Under 8 years of age
  • Weight 4kg +
  • Fully vaccinated
  • No health concerns
  • Not pregnant
  • Not on medication
  • FELV/FIV negative