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Dudley YouTube star spends £40,000 on Pokémon cards

Jay Swingler, from Dudley, spent £40,000 on rare Pokémon cards. Photo: BPM Media

A YouTube star from Dudley has spent £40,000 on first edition Pokémon cards and even flew to Arizona in the USA to collect them.

Jay Swingler, who has over 750,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, describes himself as a "huge fan of Pokémon" and says that purchasing the rare, first edition Pokémon cards is "technically smarter than buying a house".

The cards were a part of a rare first edition set. Credit: BPM Media

The Pokémon-enthusiast described his £40,000 purchase as a "massive investment opportunity" as he can wait for the cards to increase in value and then "reap the rewards further down the line".

Jay believes the upcoming release of the new Pokémon movie will see the price of the cards "skyrocket".

Jay said:

The value is likely to skyrocket with the release of the upcoming Pokémon movie, as well as confirmation of a live action movie. This will only increase the demand of original cards and that's just a few reasons why I have bought them. Technically, it is smarter than buying a house, as the investment on this cardboard is more than a house!

– Jay Swingler
Jay collected the cards over 6,000 miles away in Arizona, USA. Credit: BPM Media

After purchasing the original '1st Edition Shadowless Base Set' on Ebay for £40,000, Jay and his friend, Barney, decided to fly over 6,000 miles to Arizona in the USA to avoid any chance of the cards being damaged in transit.

After the set was verified as genuine, the pair flew back to the West Midlands with the collectables locked and bubbled-wrapped in a box.