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Anger as youths launch firework at homeless man in sleeping bag

Photo of the scene of where it happened Credit: BPM media

Rush hour commuters were left horrified after youths threw a firework at a homeless man in Birmingham city centre.

Witnesses said the victim was inside his sleeping bag outside Moor Street Station, around 5.20pm today (Wednesday), when the gang of youths launched the firework at him.

The rough sleeper was engulfed in smoke while the teens ran off in the direction of Eastside. It is unclear if the homeless man was injured.

The Moor Street Station vicinity was packed with commuters and shoppers at the time.

Passer-by Scott Edwards who witnessed the incident as he travelled on the bus with two colleagues, said:

Around 10 youths, dressed in dark grey and black clothes with their hoods up let a firework off towards the ground where a homeless person lay in a sleeping bag.

We were on the bus just about to turn into Carrs Lane when we saw the flash and the youths run away.

A plume of smoke was clearing which revealed to the homeless man who was lying there in his sleeping bag. He seemed okay, probably just shook up.

We were just so shocked and disgusted that people can do this to others. There must have been 30 other people around, commuters and others going home.

– Scott Edwards

Another witness, Kirsty Bosley, tweeted: