Man jailed for stealing 50p from pensioner and knifepoint robbery of taxi driver

A man who stole 50p from an elderly woman in her own home and robbed a taxi driver at knife point has been jailed.

Tony Woodward, 35, from Peterborough, admitted robbing the 83-year-old victim in July this year and to robbing the taxi driver in January.

Woodward targeted the woman after spotting her getting off a bus on the way home from church.

He followed her home, pushed his way into her house before emptying her purse and stealing 50p. He left after being confronted by the victim’s granddaughter, who had been upstairs.

Woodward was linked to the crime by DNA evidence left at the scene. At the time of the offence Woodward was on bail for robbing the taxi driver in Wright Avenue, Peterborough, on 25 January.

The taxi driver was called to collect two passengers, one of whom was Woodward, and a bike from Lincoln Road at around 10.35am. He collected the passengers and took them on a short journey.

He asked the passengers to pay their fare and while arranging for their change Woodward confronted him with a knife and threated to kill him.

Woodward stole £20 from the victim before making off on the bicycle with the other passenger. He was later identified by officers from CCTV images taken near to the scene of the crime. He was sentenced to a five years and 8 months in prison.