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Mother warns against 'boneless' chicken fillets

Photo: BPM Media

A Nottingham mother who claims her daughter nearly died after eating chicken fillets is warning parents about the dangers of hidden bones in food.

Hannah Clarke says her daughter began choking on a bone, which was contained inside a chicken breast labelled as 'boneless'.

Miss Clarke, aged 28, bought a one kilogram bag of Asda Smartprice chicken breast fillets in an online shop at the beginning of September.

A few days later she cooked one of the chicken fillets for her 10-month-old daughter, Essie:

I chopped up the chicken very small and didn't think much of it because I wouldn't expect quite a large bone to be in the middle of a boneless chicken breast. Then my daughter started choking because the bone was stuck in her mouth. She had cuts all down her throat because of the bone, it really damaged her. My daughter could have died. This is so dangerous and I really think they should make it clearer that there could be bones in there otherwise I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

– Hannah Clarke
The chicken fillets that Hannah Clarke purchased (left), and the bone that was found (right) Credit: BPM Media

A warning message on Asda's website states: "Warning, extra care has been taken to remove bones, although some may remain."

However Hannah says she is now scared to feed her daughter chicken again and says she is now going to be more mindful about the labels on foods:

I am just terrified to feed her chicken again after this experience. It has really made me question labels and what I buy. I just really want to make people more aware about this so that it doesn't happen to someone else.

– Hannah Clarke

Asda have responded to Hannah. In a statement they said:

We are sorry to hear that Ms Clarke found a bone in her chicken. Whilst we take great care to remove any bones from this product, very rarely, some small parts can remain and for that reason we make this clear on the packaging. We have been in contact with Ms Clarke and offered an exchange and full refund for any inconvenience caused.

– Asda statement