1. ITV Report

East Midlands weather: Improving through the afternoon


Turning drier everywhere through the afternoon, and slowly brighter across northern counties with some sunny spells across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire especially. Maximum temperature 9 deg C (48 deg F).


Dry for most, with fairly clear skies across northern counties leading to a patchy frost. Remaining cloudy further south with perhaps some rain returning for a time, then clearing later. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).


Cold and breezy, but remaining dry and sunny for most. Heavy showers from the North Sea may affect eastern Lincolnshire during the afternoon, with brisk northwesterly winds here. Maximum temperature 7 deg C (45 deg F).


Monday, early frost with coastal showers clearing, then dry, cold and sunny before cloud thickens later. Milder and rather cloudy with light winds thereafter, with perhaps some rain at times.