• WARNING: “Lauric’s Final Minutes” shows the events leading up to the moment a man was fatally stabbed - video credit Leicestershire Police

A new film, showing the moments just before a man was fatally stabbed, has been released by Leicestershire Police.

It is part of the Force's on-going #livesnotknives campaign aimed at combating knife crime.

It follows the murder of Lauric Lebato, 22, who was killed in Albion Street in Leicester earlier this year after a fight broke out at a party.

Lauric had travelled to the party from his home in London on 11 February.

After an argument broke out into the street, Lauric can be seen on CCTV defending himself with a fire extinguisher, before being followed and then fatally stabbed by Sulaiman Sillah.

The 20-year-old was sentenced to life imprisonment having been convicted of Lauric's murder. He will serve a minimum of 24 years.

Sheriff Oluwa, also 20, was found guilty at the same court of violent disorder and was sentenced to serve 30 months.

Sulaiman Sillah must serve a minimum of 24 years behind bars Credit: Leicestershire Police

Two films have been released following Lauric's death. The first film is called “Lauric’s Final Minutes” and is a compilation of extensive CCTV evidence.

The second film, a knife crime infographic video called “One Knife”, shows the statistical impact his murder has had.

Both films, produced with the support of Lauric’s father Tagbeu, are currently being made available as part of a wider package of educational materials to schools in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, for head teachers to screen at their discretion.

  • “One Knife” - Video credit Leicestershire Police

Detective Chief Inspector David Swift-Rollinson, who led the investigation into Lauric’s murder, said he hoped the films would help deter young people from carrying knives:

Lauric’s murder was not the first knife-related homicide I have investigated, and unless people are brave enough to radically change their behaviour, I fear it will not be the last.

Detective Chief Inspector David Swift-Rollinson