Suicide is a serious issue for those who run our railways, so much so that many rail workers are now specially trained to intervene when they think someone is at risk.

Across the country the number of suicides has fallen by 18 per cent however latest figures show that nationally there were 273 suicides on the UK's railways.

  • Mike Pearse went to hear about a new campaign which urges us all to talk to anyone who might be vulnerable:

Elliot Knowle works for Network Rail at Birmingham's New Street station, he recently helped save the life of a young women who tried to take her own life, he has now undergone training alongside colleagues to learn how best to respond during such situations.

Elliot has been telling our reporter Robert Townsend about what we should do:

As part of a new initiative, Network Rail has today launched a new campaign film with the hope offering empowerment to members of the public who may not know how best they can help:

For more information on this campaign you can visit Network Rail here.

For help and advice, the Samaritans, who have been key to helping reduce suicides on the railways, have a free helpline for anyone wanting confidential support that number is 116 123.

You can also visit their website.