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Teachers and parents protest over school cuts ahead of autumn budget

  • Report from ITV News Central's Mark Gough.

Teachers, parents and governors from seven different schools have protested over school cuts ahead of the autumn budget.

Protestors, made up of teachers, parents and governors from seven Birmingham schools, came together today in a demonstration ahead of the Chancellor's Autumn budget which is released on 22 November.

Demonstrator say they need more money from the government rather than cuts which they say can affect the quality of teaching.

Debbie James, head teacher at Swanshurst School, spoke to ITV News Central:

Well I think the real issue we have in schools is that we spend our money on staff, to work with children and students, so if we have less money - it has to come out in less staff and less staff means that children particularly vulnerable children, children with special needs, can't get the support they require.

– Debbie James

Nick Gibb, Minister for School Standards, said:

The unions' figures are fundamentally misleading. They are based on historical data and do not reflect the situation in our schools today. They also ignore the fact that schools funding is driven by pupil numbers and, as pupil numbers rise, the amount of money schools receive will also increase.

– Nick Gibb