Grantham schoolgirl waits three hours for ambulance after dislocating her knee

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A father from Grantham has described his anger, after his 8-year-old daughter had to wait wait more than three hours for an ambulance.

Chloe Alsbury dislocated her knee at school and was covered in blankets as she laid outside on the floor.

The 8-year-old then had to wait more than three hours for an ambulance to arrive.

East Midlands Ambulance service have since apologised, saying they faced significant demand that day - with ambulances sent to more than 1,785 calls, 160 of which were described as 'life threatening'.

Chloe's dad, Carl, says matter were then made worse, as they were taken to Lincoln hospital rather than their local hospital in Grantham.

The ambulance service said Chloe was taken to Lincoln and not Grantham as they felt she would be treated more quickly there and not because the town's A and E centre is closed overnight.

They also said that although handover delays are still increasing and significant across the county - they had "no impact on the timings of this case".