Police appeal on 25th anniversary of triple murder

Harold, Mary and Harold Junior Credit: West Midlands Police

Police are appealing for information about a triple murder that happened exactly 25 years ago today in Birmingham.

The bodies of husband and wife, Harold and Mary Smith, and their paralysed son, Harold Smith Junior, were found in their home in Overbury Close in Northfield.

They were bound at the wrists and stabbed multiple times.

Harold and Mary Smith were aged 72. Their son, Harold Smith Junior, was 47.

Following advances in forensic science, officers say they will be reviewing evidence from 1992.

As part of our continual review of unsolved cases, we are taking the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of this most horrific case to appeal to anyone who has kept information they may hold secret for all these years to come forward. I can't accept that the person who was responsible has kept this secret all their life. I believe that they would have shared what they did with someone else, maybe a family member or a friend. If you are that person please come forward.

Detective Inspector Ian Iliffe, West Midlands Police