School evacuated as bus full of passengers burst into flames

Fire teams were called at 9:45am to Bloxwich Road in Walsall when a bus caught fire Credit: BPM Media

Amateur phone footage caught the moment a bus burst into flames sending clouds of thick black smoke into the sky above Walsall, forcing the evacuation of school children from a nearby primary.

Fire crews were called to Bloxwich Road at 9.45am today (Friday) when a bus carrying passengers caught fire.

Thick, black smoke was seen towering into the sky with traffic along the busy road brought to a standstill.

Specialist firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used hose jets to extinguish the flames.

All the passengers including the driver escaped the inferno with no injuries.

Pupils at nearby Leamore Primary School were also evacuated onto the playground as a precaution.

A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service said: