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Photographer 'over the moon' after capturing snaps of International Space Station

Photo: BMP

A photographer from Derby says he is 'over the moon' after capturing photos of the International Space Station.

Robert Booth took the images at Pentrich, Derbyshire, which shows the silhouette of the space station on the Moon, as it made its way through Space.

The International Space Station (ISS) is used by international astronauts to undertake a variety of different scientific experiments and research.

It travels around the Earth at around 17,150 miles per hour, meaning Robert had to take a succession of photos to capture the spectacle:

Because I couldn't see the ISS I decided to start to fire my camera about 10 seconds before it was due to pass the moon and continued to hold the shutter button down for a further 20 seconds. I shot a total of 420 frames. All I could do was keep my fingers crossed I had caught the moment, and hope I had got my camera settings right.

– Robert Booth, photographer
The International Space Station (ISS) was first launched in 1998 Credit: PA

Because the ISS is so small I ended up going through each image one by one and zooming in to see if I had captured anything. Eventually after about 10 minutes, I came across an image with the ISS in the top right corner of the moon, and the next 10 images had captured it's track across the moon. To say i was over the moon was an understatement.

– Robert Booth, photographer