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Couple 'stunned' after being fined £50 for feeding ducks

A couple who were fined £50 after feeding the ducks say they were left 'stunned' when they were handed a fixed-penalty notice for littering.

Sally Jones and David Goodwin were spotted throwing bread to the ducks on the banks of the River Derwent by two Derby City Council officers.

Mr Goodwin, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, and who had throat cancer 7 years ago, said the whole episode came as a complete shock.

The council say feeding birds encourages vermin who spread disease. Credit: ITV News Central

Derby City Council says given the circumstances it now intends to cancel the fixed penalty notice handed out to Sally and David.

Sally says they were lucky to be in a position where they could afford to pay the fine. But thinks for others it could be more serious.

The couple say they wouldn't have done it if they knew if was an offence. Credit: ITV News Central

We’re lucky enough to be in a financial situation where we were able to pay the fine. But what if this was a young mother with her children? What if she couldn’t afford the fine? That could mean that a young child might have to go without a Christmas present this year.

– Sally Jones