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East Midlands Airport want to find lost toy owners

East Midlands Airport are looking to reunite this year's lost toys with their owners.

The airport has two full-time members of staff who are dedicated to collecting lost items and attempting to returning them to their rightful owner.

Although Christmas may just be around the corner, the airport are keen for anyone who may have misplaced a toy whilst on their travels to contact them so their it can be returned.

Dan Sinnott, from East Midlands Airport, said:

If we could reunite the children with these toys it would be great, particularly at this time of year. I know children will be getting lots of toys, I’m sure, from Santa.

But sometimes they do have those connections with the ones that they’ve already got.

– Dan Sinnott

"Bob the Beaver", has returned to his owner, Libby Watts.

Libby said:

I really missed him because I couldn't sleep with him.

It felt really good because I got to snuggle him and it felt really warming.

– Libby Watts

If you see a toy that is yours, please contact us.