Donald Trump Toby Jug to go into production

The US president has been recreated in miniature Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

Two prototypes have been created of a Donald Trump Toby Jug.

The jugs stand 4 inches (10cm) tall and have the president's trademark hand gesture.

But, the pottery - based in Stoke-on-Trent - decided not to give the president an orange complexion.

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

Bairstow Manor Collectables in Hanley say two versions of the jug will go into production in the new year.

The manufacturer is well known for pottery poking fun at, or paying tribute to political figures.

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

I did toy with doing a caricature one but we do all the prime ministers and other presidents so I just think it's respectful to do them as they would be...The only licence we have given ourselves is to do one dressed up with the Stars and Stripes, which of course is a very much more expensive paint job. There's the normal one with just his suit on and his tie, which is the standard one most people would go for.

Roger Bairstow, the firm's owner
Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/PA Images

The Trump jug is hand-painted and fired four times during the manufacturing process.

Production is underway with painting beginning in the middle of January, and editions should be available at the end of the month.