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Cat in need of new home after being trapped and burnt in car engine

Vixen was rescued by the RSPCA in a hot engine. Photo: BPM Media

A cat, who is recovering from severe mechanical burns after becoming trapped in a car engine, is in need of a new home.

The one-year-old feline, which has been named Vixen by staff at RSPCA Gonsal Farm, became trapped in the engine, on Ralph Drive, Sneyd Green, Staffordshire, on November 27.

A member of the public spotted the animal and called the RSPCA and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service - who managed to free the animal from the hot engine.

Vixen was taken to a local vet before being transferred to Gonsall Farm, at Dorrington near Shrewsbury.

We have no idea how long she had been trapped but it’s lucky that a member of the public raised the alarm when they did.

At the vets it soon became apparent Vixen had a large mechanical burn spanning across almost her entire chest and abdomen which was clearly very painful.

She’s now doing a lot better since she arrived here a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t seen a cat with such bad injuries in a long time.

She had to have staples where they had cut the dead skin away so when she came in she looked like Frankenstein.

We think the engine must have been very hot and burnt her on both sides. It’s amazing she survived.

– Jake Rogers, Gonsall Farm

The cat was not microchipped and, despite efforts to locate any owners, no one has so far come forward.

Vixen is now recovering and is a lot happier, with staff hoping she can be re-homed soon after spending Christmas at the centre.