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Ice hockey fans pay tribute to six-year-old boy who died days before Christmas

Ice hockey fans performed a 'dab' in memory of a six-year-old boy who died days before Christmas.

Daniel Harris, of Fernwood village in Newark, Nottinghamshire, suddenly died at home on 23rd December.

The crowd at the Motorpoint Arena were there to watch the Nottingham Panthers take on Coventry Blaze during the evening of 30th December.

Daniel Harris, of Fernwood in Nottinghamshire, was described as a typical rough and tumble fun-loving boy Credit: BPM Media

A family friend set up a Facebook page where people could perform the 'dab' - a dance move where an individual drops their head into the crook of their arm, while raising their opposite arm - as well as the hashtag #dab4Daniel was created to show Daniel's family how much the community cared.

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A number of well-known faces in Nottinghamshire such as Notts County owner Alan Hardy, have also posted pictures of themselves dabbing to the Facebook page.

A close family friend Iain Moulds, 40, previously told the Post:

Daniel was a boy who you never saw without that big smile. He loved life, loved football and loved his music. He also loved to dab.

He was a football-mad fan and the heartbreaking thing is that he didn't get to an age to have his own favourite team. He didn't have that opportunity but he loved to play football and he was such a typical rough and tumble fun-loving boy.

What the Facebook page is trying to do is turn the most horrible situation for a family to ever have to deal with into a little bit of a positive and try and provide the family with that comfort....

– Iain Moulds