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Seriously ill dog has injuries consistent with dog fighting

A dog who went missing for four years ago 'could have been used for fighting'.

The Staffordshire bull terrier was found with serious injuries which the RSPCA believe are consistent with dog fighting.

Zeena, as she is known, has bite marks all over her body and even has a leg wound which exposes her bone.

The RSPCA are now investigating after the dog was found on The Leverretts in Birmingham, on 28th December.

Zeena is being treated at the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Hospital. Credit: RSPCA
She has bite marks all over her body and other injuries consistent with dog fighting. Credit: RSPCA

Zeena went missing four years ago and even though she was microchipped, she wasn't found until the end of last year.

She is currently being treated at an RSPCA hospital but is said to be very nervous, particularly of men.

Inspector Mike Scargill, from the RSPCA, said:

It is heartbreaking to think what she went through but thankfully she has now been rescued from cruelty.

It is clear that she has been subject to the most horrific and frightening treatment, and any information pertaining to who may possibly have done this to her will be treated with the utmost discretion and acted upon accordingly.

We are hoping very much that she will pull through this.

– Inspector Mike Scargill
Zeena has old and new injuries. Credit: RSPCA

Dog fighting was banned in 1835.