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Masked men storm store while cashier is held at gunpoint

This footage shows the moment an armed robber held a cashier at gunpoint while a group of masked men stormed the store.

In the video, a hooded man - dressed all in black - can be seen pacing towards the counter before pointing a gun directly at the cashier.

Another camera installed at the front of the store shows men raiding the store's shelves.

The gun is held centimetres from the cashier's face.

It happened in the Ocker Hill Store, in Tipton, in the Black Country on Thursday night.

The shop owner's daughter, Manjit Randhawa, has urged anyone with any information to come forward in a Facebook plea.

Attention Friends and Family. Please help us catch these scumbags by sharing this post. This evening a group of young males threatened our elderly member staff at gunpoint in the Ocker Hill, Tipton area and managed to steal his phone amongst other items. He managed to chase them off but we need to find them before they actually use this gun on an innocent person. We have a facial image of one male and fingerprints of another.

– Manjit Randhawa

West Midlands Police confirmed they were called to the store after the armed robbery.