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£1000 raised for grandmother attacked in her home by bogus police officer

Joan Ufton, 80, was left with horrific injures after the man broke into her home and ransacked it. Credit: BPM Media

£1,000 has been raised for a grandmother who says she was brutally attacked in her own home by somebody posing as a police officer.

Joan Ufton was left with severe facial injures after the fraudster broke into her home and ransacked it.

She was knitting at her home in Derbyshire when somebody knocked at her door, pretending to be a police officer and asking to be let in.

She ignored the knock but said the man suddenly smashed her front door and burst into her home before attacking her.

Mrs Ufton repeatedly told him she did not have money but the man shouted, swore and continued to threaten her. She said that he hit her on the face and dragged her around her home asking for money.

Credit: BPM Media

After her ordeal was publicised last week, it attracted the attention of Tim Cox.

He set up an online page to raise money for Mrs Ufton.

We were all so horrified at what happened to her and could not believe it. Once I suggested getting some flowers, everybody else said they would help.

Then I started to get offers of donations so I thought the best thing to do would be to set up an online PayPal account.

There was £900 in one day. I was staggered, it's amazing. I shared the link on Facebook and it just went from there. I then had people posting money through my letter box for her, it's been great.

It's such a team effort. We just wanted her to know that people were thinking of her and were keeping an eye out."

– Tim Cox
Tim Cox set up the fundraising campaign to help Mrs Ufton Credit: BPM Media

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire police said a man had been charged with theft, aggravated burglary and wounding with intent.