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Could you give Kermit the dog a loving home?

A stray dog which was found wandering the streets of Handsworth, almost starving to death, is making a recovery after being taken into care.

Kermit was handed in to charity Birmingham Dogs Home last Thursday.

He was severely emaciated, dehydrated and had infected pressure sores around his legs.

The American Bulldog weighed 29kg on arrival - a healthy weight for his breed is 54kg.

Once Kermit is back to full health, the charity are hoping to find him a loving home.

A photo taken of Kermit when he was first taken in Credit: Birmingham Dogs Home

Community Fundraiser at Birmingham Dogs Home, Rachel Frost, told us they do not know what happened to Kermit before he was found:

I was pretty shocked, working in the fundraising department we don’t always see every single dog that comes in here but I haven’t seen one that bad for a long, long time.

He’s severely emaciated, dehydrated, can hardly lift his back end up and he’s got lots of pressure sores on the back of his legs, and his bum area.

Some of them are quite infected. He’s on the mend. Thankfully with all the support of people, they’re doing a fantastic job in helping him get through it and make a full recovery.

– Rachel Frost
Some of the dogs currently at Birmingham Dogs Home Credit: ITV News Central

Kermit is just one of 130 dogs which have either been found or handed in to Birmingham Dogs Home over the last month. Some include puppies less than six months old.

More than 2,600 dogs passed through the home in 2017, with the Christmas and New Year period bringing them to capacity.

Number of dogs which passed through Birmingham Dogs Home in 2017

It costs Birmingham Dogs Home more than £2 million every year to keep their two centres running in South Staffordshire and West Midlands.

The home has given out some helpful tips for would-be dog owners:

  • Talk to your family - make them aware of the responsibility and commitment your new dog will need
  • Research your breeds - find out what breeds will fit your family's lifestyle or talk to members of our team about the dogs we have in our centres
  • Are you financially ready for a dog - food, insurance, vet bills, dog boarding etc.
  • Can you give a dog the time it needs for training, regular walks
  • Involve the family - talk to people who have dogs and ask them questions on their experiences as a dog owner
  • Take your time - don't rush into anything, the right dog will come along when the time is right for your family.