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Winds upto 74mph cause widespread damage across the Midlands

A car is damaged in Coventry after nearby trees collapsed on the road Photo:

Homes, roads, vehicles and railway lines across the Midlands have been damaged after winds of up to 74mph hit the region last night.

In Coventry, a motorist had a lucky escape after a 70-foot beech tree crashed onto his bonnet. A few miles away, the wind tore the gable end of a three-storey townhouse in Stoke Heath away from the roof, with bricks and rubble landing in the car park of a neighbouring community centre. The homeowner, his wife and five children were all asleep inside the house at the time.

Storm damage to a house in Coventry

In Leicestershire, a bus shelter was destroyed by a falling tree in Narborough. While in Northampton, a huge tree fell on to a house, waking the people inside at 5 o'clock this morning.