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Man jailed for carrying out revenge attack on wrong victim

Reuben Morris-Laing (left) Remee Jarrett (in the black jacket) killed Reuben Morris-Laing (left) in a case of mistaken identity Photo:

A man has been jailed for life after fatally stabbing another man in a botched revenge attack.

Remee Jarrett knifed Reuben Morris-Laing at a convenience store in St Ann’s in Nottingham last March.

At the time Jarrett intended to attack another man called Rakeem Thomas who was also in the shop, but Jarret mistakenly stabbed Reuben instead as he left the store.

Reuben Morris-Laing died after the blade pierced one of his kidneys and part of his liver, and severed an artery. After the stabbing Jarrett realised his mistake and said "soz bro" to the victim before pursuing Rakeem Thomas inside the shop.

Jarrett fled the shop and was caught on camera buying alcohol at another supermarket before going on the run for three days. He later handed himself in, claiming he had a mental illness.

Remee Jarrett has been jailed for life Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Last December Jarrett pleaded guilty to killing Reuben Morris-Laing and was sentenced today at Nottingham crown court.

He knew he'd targeted the wrong person. He knew how hard he'd stabbed him. And he knew the damage he'd caused, yet there was not a single moment when he thought about Reuben.

I think he's a coward for what he's done to the family. If he genuinely felt any remorse he could have co-operated with the enquiry. And he would have had more concession on his sentence. But for what he's put that family through. I've got no time for him at all.

– Detective Sergeant Claire Fowler, East Midlands Special Operations Unit
Tributes were left outside the shop where Reuben was stabbed Credit: ITV News Central

21-year-old Reuben Morris-Laing has been described as having "a heart of gold", his family say they are devastated by the loss.

I think of Reuben all the time, the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep. The devastation of this cannot be fixed. We have been robbed of a son, grandson, nephew and cousin. I am now serving a sentence to a life of heartache.

– Reuben's grandmother