A man has made more than 200 citizens arrests in his hometown within a year, to help crack down on anti-social behaviour and protect local businesses.

Dave Dowson from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire regularly patrols the town centre to help keep the area safe and clean.

He says the citizens arrests he makes are often on familiar faces.

They know they've done wrong. It's cat and mouse. Once you've got your hands on them it's: 'Come on fella.' 'Uh, right-ho.' That's it.

Dave Dowson

Mr Dowson is employed by the Mansfield Business Improvement District (BID), which is a partnership between businesses and the local authority looking at ways to increase trade and attract more people to the town.

The Mansfield BID estimates that over the years the work done by Mr Dowson, and others like him, in preventing shoplifting and apprehending offenders, have saved local businesses hundreds of thousand pounds in lost revenue.

Meanwhile, police say Mr Downson's work complements their work in the town.