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Twycross Zoo welcomes first ever baby Dik-Dik

Photo: Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo has welcomed its first new addition of the year - a new baby Dik-Dik, also known as a small Antelope.

Pogo Junior is the first of its species to be born at the zoo. The young female, native to East Africa, was born earlier this month to mother Spring and father Pogo.

Pogo Jr weighs less than 1kg Credit: Twycross Zoo

She joins 2,780 other individual animals (counted during the zoo’s annual stocktake earlier this month, not including the ant colony!) already living at the Leicestershire zoo.

Junior, as she is known by the keepers at Twycross Zoo, is still very small, weighing less than 1 kilogram at present, though despite her small size, she is so far faring very well in her new surroundings.

Baby Pogo Jr is the first birth of the year at Twycross Credit: Twycross Zoo

We are thrilled by the birth of Pogo Junior. Not only is she the first baby of this species to be born at Twycross Zoo, she is also very cute, so I fully encourage visitors to come along and catch a glimpse of her!

– Matyas Liptovszky, Twycross Zoo