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Revealed: The teenager who stabbed budding model in ‘unprovoked’ attack

A teenage boy who murdered a budding male model in an ‘unprovoked’ attack has been named as Ammar Kahrod.

Kahrod stabbed James Brindley as he walked home from a night out - where he’d only been drinking water.

Today, the judge lifted a reporting restriction which prevented the killer from being named.

He also sentenced Kahrod to a minimum of 17 years and said he will be "detained at Her Majesty's pleasure".

Aaron Kahrod - a 21-year-old who was also charged in connection with the attack - was yesterday cleared by a jury of murder and manslaughter.

James had been to a pub with some friends, before walking home through a recreational area known as The Croft.

It was here he had what police have described as a ‘chance encounter’ with Amaar, who overheard James on the phone to his girlfriend.

The teenager then stabbed the 26-year-old in a 35 second gap between phone calls.

James told his girlfriend - who lived in Manchester - that he had been stabbed and needed to call an ambulance.

She messaged him four times before calling his parents to tell them the dreadful news.

James Brindley was stabbed through the heart as he walked home. Credit: West Midlands Police
Police recovered this coat in a bin on The Croft, which had a surgical type mask in the pocket. The coat had James’ DNA on and that of others. Credit: West Midlands Police

James had managed to make his way to the High Street where he then collapsed.

Paramedics performed open heart surgery on the pavement to try and save him, but he died in his parents’ arms just 400 yards from his front door.

James' father Mark said the murder had left his family 'traumatised'. He said:

We are traumatised and tortured by this on a daily basis.

He had a life full of potential, perhaps getting married having children.

We are paralysed, alive but no longer living James’s life has been taken from us in the most calculated, cowardly and cold-hearted manner.

– Mark Brindley

DCI Chris Mallett, from West Midlands Police, said:

It was a seemingly unprovoked, chance encounter which is what makes this even more shocking.

– DCI Chris Mallett
James Brindley's father said he is 'traumatised' by the murder. Credit: West Midlands Police

Anjuli Shergill, Senior Crown Prosecutor with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

Whilst the motive behind the murder remains unclear, it is apparent that Ammar Kahrod was armed with a knife and attacked James Brindley who was simply on his way home.

During police interview the defendant denied being responsible for the murder but would not answer questions about what had taken place.

The teenager later stated that the victim had attacked him with a knife and he had acted to defend himself. This was a lie.

Throughout the investigation the prosecution team have been struck by the tributes paid to James by his family and friends.

He was a kind and thoughtful young man and in the past had warned others about the dangers of knife crime.

– Anjuli Shergill