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Child saves fox at risk of drowning

A fox had fallen into an overflow gully Credit: RSPCA

A child has helped to save the life of a fox who was at risk of drowning after falling into an overflow gully in Birmingham. The deep gully was filling with water at the time. The child called the RSPCA, and an officer rushed to the scene to rescue it.

It happened on Javelin Avenue on Thursday 1 February. Animal collection officer Cara Gibbon went to help.

This poor fox was very bedraggled by the time I got there.

He’d fallen into the concrete overflow gully and the high, steep sides meant he wouldn’t have been able to get out on his own.

The gully was also filling with water and, while he’d managed to scramble up onto some debris, when the boy phoned in he was extremely worried that the fox might drown so we knew we’d need to help as quickly as we could.

– Animal collection officer Cara Gibbon

The fox was exhausted, but not injured, so Cara Gibbon released him. She has praised the boy who called her, saying that if he hadn't, the fox could have drowned.

I went back to the scene on Friday to check he wasn’t still in the area and that he’d recovered and run off which, thankfully, he had.

I’d like to commend the young boy who contacted us to tell us about this poor fox. If he hadn’t acted so quickly then this beautiful creature may well have drowned. I’d like to say a big well done to him - he definitely helped save a life that day!

– Animal collection officer Cara Gibbon