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DNP investigation: ITV News Central tests a pill from the batch that killed Bethany Shipsey

An exclusive ITV News Central investigation has tested the last remaining 'diet pill' that was in a batch bought by Bethany Shipsey.

Bethany died in February 2017 after taking an overdose of the pills that were advertised as containing DNP.

There was only one pill left, which ITV News Central tested at City Hospital in Birmingham.

Websites supplying DNP for human consumption have been shut down since 2015.

The tests revealed that Bethany's pill contained 2,4-Dinitrophenol, or DNP.

DNP is a toxic fat-burning substance that can be fatal to humans.

It is illegal to sell DNP for human consumption, and since 2015, 30 websites have been shut down worldwide.

  • You can report any DNP suppliers to the FSA via their website.