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Life-size cakes made for twins' first birthday

A cake-maker, who's won awards for some of her creations, has now made life-size cakes of her baby children.

Lara's twin daughters alongside their cake doppelgängers Credit: Lara Clarke

They've been made to celebrate Lara Clarke's twins' first birthday, and took around 120 hours to create over the last few weeks.

Lara, from Walsall, says most of the time is spent on the decorative icing pieces, and that the actual cakes themselves have been done in the last week.

The cakes are made up of:

  • 22 six-inch round Madeira cakes
  • 4kg of buttercream
  • 3kg of fondant icing
  • 5kg of chocolate

That's 44 eggs, 2.2kg of flour, sugar and butter.

The finished birthday cakes Credit: Lara Clarke

Lara says the hardest part is making the hair, which she makes out of pulled sugar - and each individual strand created separately.

She's also previously made cakes of: