1. ITV Report

West Midlands Weather: Early frost followed by a dry and sunny day

After a frosty start, the West Midlands region will have a completely dry day with plenty of sunshine. High cloud will tend to build up during the afternoon, particularly over Shropshire and Staffordshire, making the sunshine appear rather hazy. Maximum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

After a cold, clear and dry evening, and an early frost, cloud will build up during the early hours. Light rain may reach Shropshire by the end of the night. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).

Saturday morning will be cloudy with patches of light rain or drizzle but very little wind. Any rain will clear by midday, leaving an increasingly bright afternoon. Maximum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:
The following days look like being rather cloudy with light winds and a little rain or drizzle at times. It will be relatively mild initially, but perhaps colder by Tuesday.