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Region experiences 4.4 magnitude earthquake

The UK has been hit by its biggest earthquake in ten years, the British Geological Survey has confirmed.

Earlier this afternoon, it was confirmed that a 4.4 magnitude earthquake affected parts of the country following multiple reports of an earth tremor being felt.

The British Geological Survey says that the epicentre was approximately 20km north-north-east of Swansea.

According to the organisation, events as large as this only happen every three to five years in the UK.

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They have also released a seismograph detailing the earth's movements at the time of the event.

A seismograph shows the earth's movements this afternoon. Credit: British Geological Survey

Earlier this afternoon, many people took to social media to share their experience of the tremor just moments after they'd felt it in Birmingham.

The British Geological Survey are continuing to investigate the incident.

Reports of shaking also came from areas such as Swansea, Bath and Greater Manchester.

There have been no reports of any damage in the region.

If you felt the tremor and would like to share your experience of it, please get in touch by emailing us at