1. ITV Report

West Midlands Weather: Cold, but with increasing amounts of sunshine

Longnor, Shropshire Credit: Peter Steggles

Today: A frosty start to Saturday morning, though bright with plenty of sunshine. Staying dry and sunny during the afternoon, but feeling cold with a brisk easterly wind. Maximum temperature 6 deg C (43 deg F).

Tonight: A widespread frost quickly developing under the clear skies during the evening. Staying cold but dry overnight across the region, with some patchy cloud. Minimum temperature -3 deg C (27 deg F).

Sunday: Another very cold and frosty start on Sunday. Staying dry, with plenty of sunshine once again. Feeling very cold with stiff easterly wind. Maximum temperature 3 deg C (37 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Staying bitterly cold, with scattered snow showers and overnight sharp frosts. Snow showers becoming more frequent later Tuesday and into Wednesday.