A headteacher has defended her decision to keep a primary school open today despite many others closing due to the extreme weather.

Karen Allen from Burbage Junior School in Hinckley in Leicestershire says she opted against making a decision to close the school last night, instead choosing to wait until the morning.

After conditions improved the next day, Karen insists she made the right call:

If I'd have made the decision last night, I would've made a very different decision because we had information coming in from the police to say the roads would be dangerous. But at the end of the day the snow we were expecting actually didn't come. The roads in Burbage are absolutely fine, the school's safe so I think we've made the right decision.

Karen Allen, Burbage Junior School Headteacher

The decision was mostly popular amongst parents but some pupils at the school questioned why they had to work whilst many of their peers stayed home.

I'm actually not sure why all the schools are closed. Because like I said it's not that bad. It's just a bit of snow but when you think that every other school is closed and your school is open you think "why?"

Morgan Tuitt, Burbage Junior School