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Freezing weather causes 'unprecedented' number of burst water pipes

Severn Trent teams fix burst water pipes Photo: Severn Trent

Schools in Derbyshire have been closed and homeowners across the East Midlands have been without water after freezing weather temperatures caused an 'unprecedented' number of burst water pipes.

Local water provider, Severn Trent, says there's been a 4000% increase in the number of emergency call outs for burst water pipes over the weekend.

Crich C of E Infant School, Horsley C of E Primary School and Hague Bar Primary School in Derbyshire have all been closed due to leaks caused by burst pipes. Meanwhile, homeowners across the UK are being urged to reduce their water usage, following concerns that widespread leaks could create a national water shortage.

The Jaguar Land Rover plant at Lode Lane in Solihull also suffered a water shortage after a burst main, meaning that 3,000 workers had to be sent home.

"As well as bringing in extra teams and tankers, and ramping up production at our treatment works so we can continue to keep schools, hospitals, homes and vulnerable customers on supply, we’ve worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover to manage their water usage, which helps us prioritise household supplies."

– Severn Trent
Severn Trent has reported a 4000% increase in burst water pipes Credit: Severn Trent

Recent snow and cold temperatures across the UK have caused water to freeze within pipes. When this happens, it expands, putting more pressure on the pipe and causing it to split or the joints to pull apart. When the temperature starts to increase again, the water begins to leak out.

Teams work around the clock to repair burst pipes Credit: Severn Trent