Council plan crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence in West Brom

Melissa Wright

Former Reporter, ITV News Central

Intimidation, alcohol-fuelled violence and threatening behaviour - just some of the complaints councillors have received about West Bromwich.

Now Sandwell Council is cracking down hard on anti-social behaviour in the town through plans to bring in a Public Space Protection Order to crack down on offenders.

The Council is asking shoppers for their views on plans to fine anyone committing offences including street drinking, nuisance parking and begging.

Local businesess have reported being affected by such behaviour putting off potential visits to the town centre.

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Anyone found to be committing offences banned through the protection order could be hit with a fine from £100 to £1000.

Local residents have been asked to put their views on the proposals forward before the April 18.

Sandwell Council will then vote on whether to bring in the protection order.