First Black Country dictionary published to keep dialect alive

The first Black Country dictionary has been published to keep the dialect alive Credit: ITV News Central

'Ark up yo lot if yo wanna spake proper Black Country - do you know how to speak Black Country?

The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley has helped put together the first phrase book to stop the dialect dying out.

Steve Edwards, who's the chairman of the Black Country Festival, wrote the dictionary to celebrate the dialect , which originated from the original form of English.

Many dialect words in Black Country can be traced right back to Saxon times.

Give these phrases a try:

  • Aahr bist? - How are you?

  • Aer kid - my brother

  • Arf bairked - dopey

  • Aloone - alone

  • Ar cor - I can't

It's hoped the dictionary will educate people about what the words mean and encourage people to be proud and not "ditch the accent".

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