Exclusive: Saxony, Germany, wants separate trade deal with the Midlands after Brexit

The trade deal would be 'under the radar' of London, Berlin and Brussels. Credit: Saxony Government

The Government of Saxony in Germany wants a trade deal with Coventry and the West Midlands and it would be "under the radar" of London, Berlin and Brussels.

I must admit I thought it was a fanciful idea when it was first mentioned to me a few months ago but the Saxony government is serious.

Saxony has BMW, VW and Porsche. Coventry and the Midlands has Jaguar Land Rover.

Saxony has 32 universities and technical colleges. Coventry has Coventry University, Warwick University including the Warwick manufacturing Group which carries out research and development for the car industry.

Saxony has hi tech industries - producing almost all the computer chips made in Europe. It's called silicon Saxony.

Coventry has high-end advanced manufacturing.

Antje Hermenau, a former German MP and now adviser to the Saxony government and to Germany's small and medium businesses says:

"I think that we have couple of branches in industries we could work together upon and this would be beneath the radar of the national governments in London and Berlin and certainly beneath the radar of Brussels which I think is important. European regions should work together. That's it."

If only all trade deals were as simple as this.