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Motorist hurls abuse at life-saving ambulance crew in Chesterfield

Credit: PA

A motorist who was blocked by an ambulance "unleashed a barrage of abuse" at paramedics in Chesterfield today.

The driver honked their horn for 30 minutes while the team were treating a patient.

The motorist then verbally abused the crew as they returned to their vehicle.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service say they have passed on the details of the incident to their security team who are investigating the incident further.

No matter how loudly you shout at our crews, how much you beep your horn, or how nasty the notes you leave on our windscreens, if we are treating a patient they will always come first.

Sometimes we will need to block driveways or roads so that we can access a patient experiencing a medical emergency. Please be patient with us, one day it could be you or your family member who needs our emergency help.

– East Midlands Ambulance Spokesperson