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400 jobs to be cut at Boots products manufacturer

400 jobs are to be cut at BCM has stood on the Boots site in Nottingham for the last 85 years Photo: ITV News

400 jobs are set to be axed at the company that manufactures health and beauty products for high street pharmacy chain Boots.

Nottingham-based contract manufacturer BCM, which has stood on the Boots site for the last 85 years, announced 'big changes', saying it will focus on healthcare, skincare, suncare and oral care and receive a £16 million cash injection from its parent firm to complete upgrades and renovations of the factory.

78 jobs will go within the first six months, with the rest being cut as part of a two-year plan to 'safeguard the future of BCM in Nottingham'.

BCM was bought by international manufacturing company Fareva in November 2017. It will move away from producing toiletries, haircare, perfumes, foods and biocides, after a decision that other parts of the Fareva Group can produce those products more efficiently and cost effectively.

BCM's managing director Richard Whall acknowledged that tough decisions had to be made.

Today's announcement on the plan to invest significantly in upgrading BCM facilities is an absolute testament to the faith that our new owners have in us and our prospects as a business.

We have agreed a two-year plan with our owners and as part of that we unfortunately had to make some tough decisions to safeguard the long-term future of BCM here in Nottingham and take the business back to profitability.

This means we will have to make redundancies.

This new strategy is all about focussing on what we excel at, so we can really compete and grow our business.

– Richard Whall - Managing director, BCM

Sister site, Fillcare, based in South Wales will see investment of £2 million from Fareva and the creation of 200 jobs as toiletries production moves from BCM.