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Council street cleaner caught dumping rubbish onto family's driveway in Birmingham

A council street cleaner was caught dumping fly-tipped rubbish from a Birmingham street onto a family's driveway.

The CCTV footage shows the man pull up in a green Birmingham City Council van and head over to a pile of rubbish lying under a tree outside a home on Starbank Road, Small Heath.

The employee drags a large rug across the pavement and dumps it onto the driveway of the house.

He then goes back to the tree and picks up the remaining rubbish - a saucepan - and throws it onto the property before casually driving off.

The homeowner and father-of-one, Haroon Tariq, 29, said he was disgusted when he saw what the street cleaner had done.

He had installed the CCTV camera because he suspected passerby had been fly-tipping, but instead caught the council workman dumping the rubbish at his home.

A Birmingham City Council cleaner dumping a rug on the driveway of a home. Credit: BPM Media

"We've got a tree outside out house and people come and dump rubbish there all the time.

"Pots, pans, throws, everything. It's disgusting and we've reported it to the council but they said there was no proof.

"That's why I installed CCTV. Usually I catch people on camera and tell them to take their stuff back. And this time they had dumped pans and a rug.

"When I noticed it had been dumped on my drive, I rewound the CCTV and saw a Birmingham City Council street cleaner dumping the rubbish on my drive!

"I have no idea why he did it, maybe he thought it would make his job easier?"

– Homeowner Haroon Tariq

Birmingham City Council says it has suspended the street cleaner following the incident.

“The member of staff was suspended this afternoon (Wednesday 28 March) without prejudice and a thorough investigation is to be undertaken.

"This behaviour falls well below the standards required for our street cleansing operatives and will not be tolerated.”

– A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council