Long-lost Batman road safety footage released to search for 'lost' TV shows

Long-lost footage of Batman teaching road safety will be screened this weekend Credit: Birmingham City University

Long-lost footage of Adam West's Batman teaching road safety to children will be screened in Birmingham for the first time in 50 years to start a hunt to find 100 'lost' TV shows.

The clip from 1967 will be shown to TV professionals and enthusiasts at Birmingham City University on Saturday April 14.

Birmingham based group Kaleidoscope, which specialises in finding missing television footage, is launching its list of the UK's top 100 missing TV shows.

The group discovered the clip which shows Batman teaching the Green Cross Code to youngsters on London’s streets and was never screened outside of the UK.

Episodes of iconic British TV programmes Doctor Who, Top of the Pops and The Avengers topped the list, after industry professionals revealed which shows they most wanted to see found.

The list will be unveiled at Birmingham City University alongside screenings of found clips and episodes from show such as Out of the Unknown, Sexton Blake and The Goodies.

The top 10 missing shows were named as:

Birmingham based group Kaleidoscope are searching for missing TV shows Credit: Birmingham City University