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Bishop of Leicester will deliver funeral service for mother and two sons killed in shop explosion

Mary Ragoobeer (centre) was killed alongside her sons Sean (left) and Shane (right). Credit: Leicestershire Police

The Bishop of Leicester will help deliver the funeral service for the mother and her two sons who died in the Leicester explosion.

The Right Reverend Martyn Snow will present the service for Mary, Shane and Sean Ragoobeer at the city's cathedral on Friday (April 20).

The three coffins will be covered in wraps representing the football teams Mary and her sons supported.

Mary's coffin will be covered in the badge of Leicester City. Shane’s coffin will be wrapped in the colours of Liverpool, and Sean’s coffin in the colours of Manchester United.

Five people died after an explosion which destroyed a mini supermarket in Hinckley Road on February 25. A number of people were left with serious injuries.

Mary’s other son, 15-year-old Scotty, survived the blast. Her husband Jose was at work when the tragedy happened.

"We know that lots of the friends of Sean and Shane will be wearing their football shirts and scarves on the day. "We hope that anyone who comes along to pay their respects wear their team's colours if they are a football fan. "The service is to be a celebration of the lives of three very special people."

– Spokesperson for the Ragoobeer family