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Trash to treasure: the recycling plant turning waste into fuel

Watch: Midlands recycling plant turns waste into fuel

A recycling and waste management firm in Rugby is trying to help solve the plastic problem by turning our waste into fuel.

SUEZ UK take any rubbish that is too low-grade or low-value (such as mixed materials) to be recycled by other means, and turns it into specially-designed mulch.

The material is then packaged and sold to businesses as an alternative to fossil fuel.

One and half tonnes of the material produced creates as much energy as one tonne of coal.

The benefit is there are low carbon emissions, obviously we're not having to source fossil fuels externally into the UK, and it's better for the environment all round.

It put wastes to good use and eliminates any need for waste to go to landfills.

– Russ Robinson, Regional Manager at SUEZ UK

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