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Woman took home 'bomb' thinking it was a potato

Credit: BPM Media

A woman was walking her dogs through a field when one of them dug up what looked like a potato.

Terri-Jade Barwell put it in her bag and forgot about it, only for her partner to make a shocking discovery.

Marriott [the dog] is always digging up stuff and when he dug up this it just looked like a potato.

I picked it up and thought 'Oh I will have a look at that later' and put it in my bag and didn't think anything else of it.

When I got home I left my bag on the side and went for a shower. It was at that point that my boyfriend started looking up on the internet what it could be.

– Terri-Jade Barwell

Her boyfriend, Mark Higgins, said: "I think you need to get out the shower".

He had discovered what a grenade looked like on the internet, and it was the same as what Terri-Jade had found.

We were so shocked, especially when we saw it was probably still live. We called the police straight away and put it outside.

Eight of the houses on this street are filled with my family members. If it had gone off I could have been responsible for killing off my whole family - I nearly took them all out.

Although it was quite scary it was also quite exciting and I am now really interested to find out the history behind where it came from, I have been told it could be a World War II grenade.

– Terri-Jade Barwell
Credit: BPM Media

When Nottinghamshire Police arrived, officers cordoned off part of the estate in the Cherhill Close and Barbury Drive area, and a bomb squad team was called out to what they said was a "practice bomb".

Nottinghamshire Police said the device was "not highly explosive" but said it did contain a small charge.

The device found in the field was moved to an area where it was subsequently dealt with by experts. We would advise anyone who finds anything similar, or another suspicious device, not to go near it, and to contact us as soon as possible.

– Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson