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Man hurt after burst water main floods street in Black Country

  • Video credit: Dave Strom

A man is believed to have suffered a broken wrist during flooding caused when an underground 20in water main was ruptured in the Black Country.

Several roads were closed off after the "significant" burst at Leabrook Road North in Wednesbury, which was captured on video by witnesses.

Footage showed a deluge of high-pressure water pumping out of the ground and swamping the nearby road, which is in an area populated with businesses and homes, and lapping up against nearby parked cars.

The leak happened while workers were installing an electricity cable in the area, and a stranded mini digger was visible near the burst pipe.

Onlooker, Dave Strom, said it was out of control:

Someone’s dug a water main and at least eight cars have been written off.

The old church building is badly flooded with the water starting to go into the houses up the side. This will be a huge cost.

The two cars as the camera pans right were a brand-new Ford Focus and a Mercedes.

A lot of people park there to commute to Birmingham you see so they probably won’t know until later today.

– Dave Strom

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A search of affected vehicles and properties was carried out by firefighters and specialist rescue teams, who said a male was being treated for a wrist injury after falling down a hole.

A woman also needed rescuing from one of the nearby homes.

A spokeswoman for South Staffordshire Water said a main pipe had been damaged by a third party, but that all customers were still on supply after water was re-routed from elsewhere in the network.

She said:

The emergency services have swept the area, and there's no risk to life.

We are working as part of a multi-agency approach to clear the flood water.

Once that has happened we can take a look to see what the damage is.

There is no customer off supply, everyone should have water, but there might be some discolouration.

– South Staffordshire Water spokeswoman
Several cars have been submerged after a water main burst in the Black Country. Credit: BPM media

A spokesman for Western Distribution Power said:

We are currently working in the area to install a new electricity cable. Unfortunately a water pipe has been damaged as part of this work.

We have isolated the electricity supply at the local substation on the request of the fire service. Currently 12 properties are without power.

We will restore supplies once water levels have subsided.

– Western Distribution Power spokesperson