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Driving instructor stops traffic to help ducklings cross the road

A driving lesson took an unusual turn when the instructor halted the lesson to help a group of ducklings cross a dual carriageway in Nottingham.

Stu Walker, of Wilford, Nottinghamshire, was leading a lesson on Tuesday (April 24) when he noticed disruption on the A453.

The 52-year-old said:

We had just come out of Clifton and there looked like there was a hold-up ahead.

We noticed that all the cars were going round something.

I said to the pupil 'there's something on the road over, there so we will have to be careful'.

– Stu Walker

As Mr Walker and his pupil approached the disruption, he noticed that a group of around eight ducklings, without a parent, were walking across the busy road.

Rather than telling his pupil to dodge the ducklings, Mr Walker made the decision to stop traffic and help them across the road.

I just noticed everyone driving round these little ducks. I thought there was no way they're going to get back off the road.

That road is really fast so I just did what I thought was best, which was stop the traffic and help them along.

– Stu Walker

Dash-cam footage captured the rescue and shows Mr Walker stop the traffic before picking up the ducklings and helping them to the safety of the path.

He then made his way back to his car, and his waiting pupil, while traffic started to move again.

Mr Walker said that the animal rescue is not something that happens often:

I see a lot of animals on the roads unfortunately but I have never had the chance to jump out and help one across.

It's not the sort of thing you do every day. It was just one of those things.

– Stu Walker