Plastic pollution: One man's mission to clean up the waterways

  • Watch: The man cleaning up the canals on his bike

A city worker turned environmentalist has taken it upon himself to clean up the waterways.

Dhruv Boruah has been helping to clear up rivers and canals across the country, including in Birmingham and the Black Country, with his handmade floating bike.

Dhruv was inspired to take action after taking part in a boat race from London to Rio de Janeiro. He said that in the middle of the ocean he still saw plastic.

He said within just one hour of setting off, his baskets were usually full of plastic bottles, toys, straws, and styrofoam wrapping.

Now, he wants the government and manufacturers to take action, and stop producing so much single-use plastic.

"It's too much - if I collect everything, I'm going to sink," he said.

"Cleaning up is not the solution. For me, this is an interesting conversation starter.

"So people stop and ask me: 'What the hell are you doing?' and I tell them I'm collecting plastic, but I also try to educate them about the dangers of plastic, and why we should stop the plastic at the source."